Strengthening business relations with Nigeria.


Jesús Jiménez, CEO of FOCE participated in a productive meeting with a delegation of high-level Nigerian officials, which took place last Tuesday, September 19 at the Diplomatic School.

The meeting was organized by the Spanish Exporters and Investors Club, of which Jesús is coordinator of the Africa Working Group and Board Member. The theme of the meeting focused on regional economic integration.

During the meeting, Jesús spoke about the good bilateral relations that exist with Spain, which considers the West African region as a priority for its foreign policy and recognizes the relevant position that Nigeria holds, something that is reflected in the III Africa Plan.

Nigeria and Spain are strategic partners in energy matters; our country is its third largest customer. Purchases of oil and gas account for 89% of Spanish imports from Nigeria and the remaining 2% consists of leather, tanned leather, cocoa, rubber, and manufactured goods.

He also analyzed the presence of Spanish companies on the continent and the risks and barriers to entry. Nigeria presents good business opportunities due to its significant growth potential, its huge market of more than 224 million people, and the enormous deficiencies in infrastructure, manufactured products, and services.

The latest demographic projections predict that Nigeria will be the third most populous country in the world by 2050.