FOCE participates in Sustainability Mission in the United Arab Emirates.


This encounter, organized by ICEX and the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain, was held in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on 19 and 20 June 2023.

The trade mission was related to waste management and the application of different technologies and its objective was to present the products and technologies of the Spanish industry to the two main players in the sector in the UAE: Beeah and Tadweer.

Our CEO, Jesus Jimenez gave a presentation to the CEOs of Beeah and Tadweer as well as to the whole group of Spanish companies in which he explained some of the most relevant sustainability projects that FOCE is currently developing and that have an important and positive environmental impact for the planet, such as the Green Hydrogen Plant in Valladolid with an investment of 26 million euros and the Tire Recycling Plant in Kuwait with an estimated project value of 87.5 million euros.

It is important to highlight the attendance of the Spanish Ambassador to the UAE, Mr. Íñigo de Palacio España.