FOCE attends and sponsors the celebration of the XXI Internationalization Awards organized by the Spanish Exporters and Investors Club


The team was represented by our CEO, Victor Alberola, our Institutional Relations Director Bernard Horande and our Projects and Procedures Coordinator Alejandra.

FOCE has been a sponsor of the Exporters Club for several years as the main Spanish association of exporters and investors. A multi-sector business association whose objective is to represent and defend the interests of Spanish companies with international activity. In addition, our CEO, Jesus Jimenez is a member of the Board of Directors of the Club and Coordinator of the Working Group for Africa.

In FOCE we are very aware of the importance of exports as an internationalization strategy for companies. And we understand that knowing how administrations and institutions work is key to the success of internationalization projects.

We will continue to collaborate and work with our clients in the integration and development of projects in the fields of Renewable Energies, Recycling and Water, as well as in the search for financing and consulting.

Our heartfelt congratulations to the winners of this edition:

➡️ Large Spanish company: ALSA

➡️ Spanish SME: Garcia de la Cruz Olive Oil

➡️ Senior official: Manuel Valencia