Strategic Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence Process

Globalization, innovation challenges and complex economic situation we are experiencing make necessary to rethink business models and use tools to differentiate and obtain competitive advantages.

At FOCE we are specialists in implementing the Competitive Intelligence process as a systematic and continuous activity that allows each company to obtain relevant data about its business environment and transform it into information and knowledge. Managing the information in an intelligent manner, both internal and environmental, we contribute to orientate its business strategy and to reduce risks in decision making.

In the process of internationalization and external implementation of the company, the financing element is becoming more and more determining to succeed in development of business abroad.

SMEs can choose multiple instruments for their sustainable growth abroad.

A comprehensive advisory service based on risk management and cost efficiency that covers all legal and technical aspects of international operations including terms, costs, interest rate, insurance premium and any other contractual aspects derived from international projects.

Why implement Competitive Intelligence in your company?

Foce gathers a wide experience in competitive intelligence and can help you to implement it and provide value added services to apply it. We implement competitive intelligence systems and offer also several of services to promote and monitor your innovation processes.

We train your competitive intelligence teams, we guide them in the monitoring process and its stages, in how to use the various tools, how to manage the results provided by the system and the importance of the flow of information within the Company.

Strategic intelligence is also for SMEs

The access to massive sources of open information, the elaboration of analyses and reports and the systematization of knowledge have become tools and daily processes in large companies. In the case of SMEs it can entail an excessive effort in terms of resources and time however Competitive Intelligence is shown as one of the most valid tools in a globalized market. Hence the importance of being able to obtain custom-fitted services for monitoring and analysis to implement a strategic intelligence system adjusted to your needs and resources.

What contents of Economic Intelligence do we have available to your company?

Essentially, the professional team of Economic Intelligence of FOCE produces knowledge and valuable contents for the directors of the company, but also for the decision-making in other areas by managers of planning, marketing, innovation and development, legal and forensic teams.

This can take several forms and products such as the following:

  • Intelligence monographs about countries or regions
  • Sociocultural intelligence analysis
  • Comparative analysis of competitors
  • Sector / product analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Strategic surveillance
  • Crisis analysis and management
  • Analysis of reputations and profiles